Kannada to English & English to Kannada         Translation Services,   Bangalore

Kushtagi MultiLingual Services Offer Professional Translation Service to Translate Documents from English to Kannada or Kannada to English for both Business Houses and Individual Customers. We have Over 10 years of rich Experience in Translating Kannada and English Lanuage Texts from one to another.

Services Offered at Kushtagi MultiLingual Services:

Translation of Kannada and English Lanuage Texts from one to another.
We can prepare Website Contents in English if you provide Text in Kannada Language.
Localization (Translation + Cultural Adaptation) of English based Websites/Commercial Ad Texts to Kannada and other Selected Languages.

(See Details of Translation Services based in More Languages Below:)

Suresh Kushtagi, has Over 10 years of Experience in Translating Kannada and English Lanuage Texts from one to another. Has done Translation assignments for Hampi University. Translation works include PhD Theses, Educational materials, Legal Documents etc. Worked with Leading NGOs like Samuha, Ashoka Foundation for Innovators, Disable Organizations etc. Has stayed in almost every region of Karnataka (except South Canara). Also widely travelled outside Karnataka and Interacted with People from both India and abroad. Can understand Idiomatic Expressions and Regional Accents of each areas of Karnataka.

Kannada To English & English To Kannada Language Translators Bangalore

Translation Services Offered by Kushtagi MultiLingual Services:

From English to Kannada Translation & From Kannada to English Translation

Kustagi Multilingual Services also can help you to Translate Documents, Websites or other materials between any of these following Languages --

Translating From Kannada to Malayalam
Translating From Malayalam to Kannada
Translation of Telugu Documents to Kannada
Translation of Tamil Texts into Kannada
Translate From Hindi to Kannada
Translate Documents from Hindi to English
Translate from English to Hindi

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